Young People
  • TELEPHONE AND FACE TO FACE APPOINTMENTS – Our specially trained workers can provide you with one off support or a series of ongoing appointments depending on what you need. We can help you to work out what your options are. Our workers will provide you with non-judgemental support and will respect the choices you make.
  • REFERRALS-We can refer you to other specialist organisations depending on what you need e.g. housing advice, legal advice, financial advice etc.

If you need support please contact us at or call us on 0870 446 0068.

  • TRAINING – Does your organisation need to improve its understanding of domestic violence and how this relates to young people? CLC can deliver training to your organisation and can tailor training packages depending on your needs.
  • WORKSHOPS – CLC is able to offer blocks of workshops aimed at your client group. These workshops focus on helping individuals to recognise signs of abusive relationships, what constitutes a healthy relationship and where to seek help. Previous work has included delivering workshops in prison settings and within further education settings.
  • CASEWORK – Professionals can engage CLC casework services to conduct specific pieces of work with individuals. This will usually consist of a support and action plan.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT – CLC can conduct risk assessments either as part of the casework package or as a standalone offer. This will consist of an in-depth risk assessment and associated risk reduction strategy.

If you would like further information about costs and availability then please contact us at